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I am a resource for all students, parents, and staff members. As a School Counselor, I am an advocate for all students at Las Flores Middle School. I work with the guidance team to collaborate on the best plan for each student in order to ensure success.

As a school counselor, I am trained to address concerns in areas of Personal/Social, Academic & College/Career. Most concerns will fall into these three categories, some examples of the areas I assist students and families with are: 

Making Friends, Friendship, Conflict Mediation, 

Stress, Anxiety, Bullying, Anger Management, Self Esteem,

Grief & Loss, Emotional Concerns, Setting Behavior Goals,

Suicide Prevention, Self-Harm Prevention

Academics*, Preparing for high school*, College information*

Test Anxiety*, Study Skills tips/tricks*, Career Exploration*

*Your Academic Advisor can give some great advice in these areas!

Students get referred to me many different ways: by a teacher, by an administrator, by an academic advisor, by a parent, by a friend, or just walking in because they need to talk.

Everyone has a bad day sometimes or may go through a tough situation, either at school or at home. It is important to know you aren't alone and I am always here to help and listen to you. Please stop by my office (I am right next to our Assistant Principal in the Front Office) or email me at:

Even if you are having a great day and year, it would still be amazing to meet you, so please stop by and say hello!

School Counseling Program Vision, BELIEFS, & mISSION

Vision Statement

The LFMS counseling program envisions a future where students all students are pursuing post-secondary aspirations that align with their passion in life. Our students are positive, respectful and productive citizens that are engaged in lifelong learning. Students from our school have strong moral character built on integrity, empathy and kindness. They have set high standards for themselves in life and are able to cope, persevere and advocate for themselves when they encounter an obstacle.


The Las Flores Middle School Counseling Program beliefs are as follows:

  • All students have individual strengths and thrive when their strengths are recognized.
  • All students have the ability to succeed and become productive citizens.
  • All students need and deserve a strong system of support that reaches from home to school to their community.
  • All students should have equitable access to state certified, master's-degree-level school counselor that will be an advocate for their academic, career and social-emotional needs.
  • All members of the school counseling department will gather and analyze data to design, implement, and continuously improve a comprehensive school counseling program that aligns with the American School Counselor Association(ASCA) National Model.
  • All members of the school counseling department will collaborate with students will collaborate with students, parents, school staff, and community members as an advisory council in order to ensure the school counseling program is meeting the student needs.
  • All members of the school counseling department shall abide by the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors.
  • All members of the school counseling department shall stay informed of current trends through professional development opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Las Flores Middle School school counseling program is a high quality, data driven comprehensive school counseling program that provides equity, access and success for every student at Las Flores Middle School. We advocate for students by focusing on their needs, strengths, interests, and issues related to academic, career, social, emotional and behavioral development of all students through a multi-tiered system of support. We are dedicated to partnering with students, staff, family and community members to create a positive and safe school climate that empowers all students to set high standards and goals for themselves in academic, personal, social, and career areas. Through individual, group, classroom and school wide activities, our program promotes students to become lifelong learners, as well as respectful, responsible and productive citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Mr. Corral, School Counselor
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Availability & Contact Info

Monday through Friday,

8:30 am - 4:00 pm.

Google Voice #:


Office Number

949-589-6543 ex. 26013   



In adherence with Education Code 49602, conversations between the student and the counselor are considered confidential. However, if a counselor has reason to believe that a student is being abused, neglected or is a danger to themself or others, the counselor has the legal, ethical and professional responsibility to report such concerns to parents or the appropriate authorities.

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