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Dress Code


PARENTS AND STUDENTS: Please make sure you read through the entire dress and grooming standards with your child.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

CUSD Middle School Student Dress Code and Grooming Standards 

The primary purpose for student dress and grooming standards is to foster an educational environment that is both safe and free from disruption in order to reflect an appropriate tone for school.  Clothes appropriate for weekend wear may not also be appropriate for school.  The following standards set forth for the middle school dress code are designed to be consistent and fair.  Thank you for your cooperation in setting an academic environment for the students.

Students are not to wear any attire or grooming disruptive or unsafe to the educational environment which may include, but is not limited to:

Basic Principle: Certain body parts must be covered for all students at all times. Clothes must be worn in a way such that genitals, buttocks, breasts, and stomach are fully covered with opaque fabric. All items listed in the “must wear” and “may wear” categories below must meet this basic principle.


Students Must Wear*, while following the basic principle above:

  • A Shirt (with a minimum of a 1 inch wide strap and fabric in the front, back, and on the sides immediately under the armpits), AND
  • Pants/jeans or the equivalent (for example, sweatpants, opaque leggings, or shorts), OR
  • A dress or skirt, AND  
  • Shoes (as appropriate for the environment and activity).

*Courses that include attire as part of the curriculum (for example, professionalism, public speaking, and job readiness) may include assignment-specific dress, but should not focus on covering bodies in a particular way or promoting culturally-specific attire. Activity-specific attire requirements are permitted for extracurricular activities and PE.


Students May Wear, as long as these items do not violate the basic principle above:

  • Sun-protective clothing, such as hats and hoods or wear body or hair protection as necessary as long as face is not obstructed, is allowed outdoors during the school day. The student’s face must be visible to staff, and headwear must not interfere with the line of sight of any student or staff. 
  • Athletic attire, as necessary for athletic activities.

Students Cannot Wear

  • Clothing or accessories displaying profanity, pornography, and violent language or images.  
  • Clothing or accessories considered unsafe, dangerous or a health hazard.  
  • Images or language depicting drugs or alcohol (or any illegal item or activity).  
  • Hate speech, images, or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class or consistently marginalized groups. 
  • Any clothing that significantly and intentionally reveals visible undergarments
  • Swimsuits (except as required in class or athletic practice).  
  • Any item that obscures the face (except as a religious observance).  
  • Strapless tops or halter tops.

The California legislature has determined that gang apparel is hazardous to the health and safety of the school environment and therefore, the wearing of such apparel may be restricted.

These dress code guidelines shall apply to regular school days and summer school days, as well as any athletic events, performances, and graduation ceremonies.                                                                   


Students who violate the dress code will wear alternate clothes the remainder of the day.  Clothes will be returned upon receipt of the signed dress code violation. Students who violate the dress code will be subject to consequences. The offense, and subsequent consequence(s), does not change because a student is able to alter his/her clothing after they have been found in violation. In order to protect the general student body and maintain the integrity of the educational environment, the school/administration reserves the right to amend/modify Dress and Grooming Standards, without notice, and as necessary to maintain a safe and positive school atmosphere.