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Elective Rotations

6th Grade Quarter Rotations

2018-19 Elective Rotations


 Exploratory Wheel Rotations

4th Period

Students will rotate each quarter as follows:

Students currently in:

Home Arts - Porzuczek Room G104 will go to -> Art - Lewis  Room G105

Art - Lewis  Room G105 will go to -> Intro to Spanish -Blanco  Room E105 

Intro to Spanish -Blanco  Room E105 will go to -> Intro to Tech - Smathers Room G107

Intro to Tech - Smathers Room G107 will go to -> Home Arts - Porzuczek   Room G104





7th/8th Grade Semester Rotations

Semester Rotation begins Monday, January 7, 2019


7th and 8th Grade Semester Wheel Rotations


3rd Period 

Students will rotate at the semester as follows:


Fall Journalism - Cappello Room J104 will go to  -> 

Spring Tech Processes - Smathers Room G107




Fall Global Communications - Smathers   Room G107 will go to  -> 

Spring Journalism - Cappello Room J104



6th Period 

Students will rotate at the semester as follows:



  Room G107

Fall Tech Processes - Smathers will go to  -> 

Spring Home Arts - Porzuczek Room G104




Fall Home Arts - Porzuczek Room G104 will go to  -> 

Spring Global Communications - Smathers Room G107