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Application Electives

How to Apply to ASB/PAL

Students who wish to apply for a place in ASB or PAL must complete the online Leadership Application.  If selected for an application elective, this course will automatically replace any other elective choices that are selected on the Parent Portal and Elective Form.  

Students will not apply directly to ASB or PAL. A task-based interview process will be used to identify students best suited for either ASB or PAL and selected students will be notified mid-April. Applying for a Leadership position means you acknowledge that you may be selected for either leadership class and agree to accept the leadership course you are selected for.

Applications are online and may be accessed using the links below.  The application window for Leadership electives (ASB/PAL) for 7/8th graders is February 25, 2020 - March 5, 2020.  Applications will not be considered after these dates. 

Everyone MUST complete this application to be considered for ASB/PAL.

Incoming 6th graders may apply from March 5, 2020 - March 12, 2020 using the link below:

Teacher Recommendation Form

Students must also request two teacher recommendations (at least one from a core teacher - English or Social Science;  Math or Science). Incoming 6th grade students should provide a two recommendations from a current or former teachers or a school administrator. Please print off this form and provide to your teachers to complete.  Please see Mrs. Davis-Johnson or Mrs. Vollebregt with any questions.

how to apply to yearbook

Students who wish to apply to Yearbook should request a paper application packet from Mrs. Cummings in E101 or from the Front Office.


Application due dates are noted on each application packet.

How to apply to BNN - Video Production

Students interested in taking Video Production (BNN) should request a paper screening packet from Mrs. Smathers or the Front Office. 


The Screening Packet should be returned to Mrs. Smathers by the Due date noted in the packet.

How to apply for a School Service -Office Aid position

Students who are interested in School Service (Office Aid) must complete the same Leadership Application as ASB/PAL. School Office Aides interviews will not take place until late April. Applications are open from February 25th - April 15th. These positions are only available to 8th grade students. If selected, this will replace your elective choice unless you elect to take a zero period and serve as an Office Aid as an additional class.

8th Grade Only - Application Form

Teacher Recommendations

Please be sure to complete the Teacher Recommendation Form linked in the original application.

how to apply to be a web leader

Students who will be in 8th grade and are interested in serving as a WEB Leader during 2020-21 may apply using the link below. WEB leaders will not be determined until mid-late May. Applications are due April 30th. These positions are only available to 8th grade students. WEB leadership is not an elective and will not replace your elective class.

Applications are online and may be accessed using the link below. You must be signed into your CUSD Google Account to submit applications.

8th Grade Only - Applications are due April 30, 2020

Teacher Recommendation Form

Teacher Recommendation Form - Students should use this link to complete a Request for Teacher Recommendation Form. We will then submit a pre-filled link to three of your current teachers. If you have already completed this form for ASB/PAL or School Service you do not need to complete it again.