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For more information on Second Step. Please go to and use your parent login information provided in the parent letters that are sent home with each lesson

Second Step


What is Second Step?

The Second Step program is a Social Emotional Learning program delivered via classroom guidance lessons. Second Step is designed to promote skills and attitudes that increase students’success in school, help get along with others, and prevent violence, bullying, and substance abuse.


Every grade level at Las Flores Middle School will be receiving four classroom guidance lessons, each delivered through a different subject.


The first lesson was taught in PE classes in August.

The second lesson was a study skills lesson, taught in Science classes in November & December.

The third lesson will be taught in elective classes during the months of January - March.

The fourth lesson will be taught in Social Science classes during the months of March - May.

Steps for Staying in Control
Coping with Stress
Bystander Power
Action Steps